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It works by adhering to the surface of skin instead of the blackheads themselves. The result? Tugging and pulling that stretches out the pore and makes it more susceptible to clogging in the longterm.

Not to mention, increased risk of broken capillaries that can only be removed with vascular lasers. Think of it like waxing the skin. Or as my friend eloquently put it:. And beside being ineffective, they can even be somewhat dangerous.

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This will be particularly true for people that have compromised epidermal barriers, as is the case with skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, rosacea etc. Rather than tugging and pulling like pores-strips do, clay masks gently draw out impurities without damaging the skin. They work by absorbing excess oil and dead skin through capillary action. No tearing at your pores needed!

And beside treating blackheads, they have additional benefits! Indeed, some studies have shown that mud masks increase collagen synthesis in mice after 7 days. Collagen being the structural protein that holds connective tissue together, prevents skin aging, and improves acne scarring. Clay and other biomaterials, when implanted in skin lesions, have been shown to stimulate collagen synthesis. With that said, not all clay masks are treated equal! Depending on your skin type, some might be better than others. This can be used for all skin types, but is best for sensitive or dry skin.

Best for oily-skin types and has additional healing properties. By far the most popular and widely available. Avoid if you have dry or sensitive skin. Alrighty, pay attention! This part is very important. This little guy is naturally acidic and has an average pH of 4. Messing with it by putting on stuff outside this healthy pH range can be very destabilizing for skin and lead to things like acne, eczema, dullness etc. Yes, it has to be RAW apple cider vinegar!

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Raw apple cider vinegar has a pH around , which makes it less irritating and a perfect candidate for lowering the pH of clay bentonite and french green to a happy medium for skin. Alrighty now for the meat and bones of this post! Credit goes to Fiddy Snails for popularizing this method. Salicylic acid is an oil-soluble chemical exfoliant that dislodges the gunk stuck inside pores. Mix 1 tbsp of clay with 1 tbsp of water OR apple cider vinegar see section above to know which is right for you.

Note: make sure to use non-metal utensils for this step! You can do this with your hands or a brush.

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If you do this, feel free to comment with photos below. Note : clay can cause drainage issues which will result costly plumbing bills. If you decide to use your sink to rinse off the mask, make sure to use a sink stopper like this first. Note 2 : This will be less of a problem in the shower where there is enough water to wash down suspended clay particles. Fun fact, the average person uses 9 liters of water per minute while showering vs.

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Make sure to only massage your face with oil for about a minute or so; doing it for longer can stress out the skin and result in broken capillaries. The destruction of Darth Vader's helmet by both Rey and Kylo is a significant moment to see in the trailer to say the least. The inclusion of the mask pointed to Vader's presence once again looming, but this would indicate that at some point the two of them decide that it is best to destroy it.

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Theories have run rampant that Palpatine's spirit could be inside the mask so that he's who has actually been influencing Kylo all along. If so, this could be part of Kylo's redemptive turn by destroying the past with the help of Rey. This isn't the first time that Kylo and Rey have teamed up either, as they fought off Snoke's Elite Praetorian Guards in a moment they both thought the other was turning.

Now, it would appear that they are united once again in a desire to destroy what we believe to be Vader's mask.

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Kylo's anger over being lied to by Palpatine could be why he wants to destroy it, while Rey could be doing it to help Ben Solo do what he doesn't think he can do on his own. We and our trusted partners use cookies and tracking technologies to create custom content for your enjoyment and to provide advertising in line with your interests.

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Destroying the Mask Destroying the Mask
Destroying the Mask Destroying the Mask
Destroying the Mask Destroying the Mask
Destroying the Mask Destroying the Mask
Destroying the Mask Destroying the Mask
Destroying the Mask Destroying the Mask
Destroying the Mask Destroying the Mask
Destroying the Mask Destroying the Mask
Destroying the Mask

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