Dream Shadows (Berkley Sensation)

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Published by Berkley. Save for Later. Shipping: Free Within U. About this Item Light rubbing wear to cover, spine and page edges. Very minimal writing or notations in margins not affecting the text. Possible clean ex-library copy, with their stickers and or stamp s. Bookseller Inventory Ask Seller a Question. About this title Synopsis: Trapped in a coma, Elizabeth Graye lives only in her dreams If you are dissatisfied with your purchase due to error on our part or if an item does not arrive within the estimated delivery time frame provided at the time an order is place, please contact our customer service team for immediate resolution.

We will accept items for return if the item is no longer needed for 15 days of the items arrival date. Visit Seller's Storefront Terms of Sale:. Add to Wants. The action scenes were nail biting and fit in perfectly with the over sensitized romance. The villain in this book is bad news, and holds nothing back to get to Claire.

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I honestly had the best time reading this book. I loved every word and every page and I am totally going to hunt down her other books in both pen names because I think I just found a new favorite author. A year ago they shared a perfect kiss. A few minutes later he lost her in an explosion. As in Pursuit the suspense in this one had its ups and downs more ups than downs , the villain was obvious from th A year ago they shared a perfect kiss.

But the biggest surprise of them all was the fact it was the hero who was the annoying one in this pair. And not bitch in a good way. But I guess I understand why there was so much inner bitching from the hero. Feb 27, Kathrynn rated it really liked it Recommended to Kathrynn by: Claire Day had a good heart, but she was dedicated to her work as an Intel Analyst for the government.

She didn't even know he existed. The story began in a U. The suspense was excellent. Great character buildup, and the hero made my "heartthrob shelf. Also, a few inconsistencies in the overall plot. Initially the length of time a character was in a coma is 9 months page 29 , then that changes to 3 months rest of the book.

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A character started the engine to a car, then other things happened, and he was starting the engine again. Even barring those minor bugs, if the steam level had been increased, this would have been a 5 star read for me. Numerous times there was serious buildup then the story moved to something else and talked about briefly what had happened in the bedroom. Why buildup the level only to disregard it? Enough so that those wanting a mild book may be offended, and those wanting more were let down.

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I was the latter. My suggestion is to not build the fire if there is no intention of lighting it. No need to buildup the pre-intimate scenes then close the door. I don't mind reading a mild book, but don't tease so descriptively, then gloss over. I was very disappointed in this aspect of the storyline. Finally, this has the potential to be turned into a series.

View all 6 comments. Aug 10, Katie babs rated it it was ok. Even with the fear of death lurking outside, there's no other place Daniel would rather be. He has followed Claire to Laka after seeing her at a conf "Do you think we're going to die?

He has followed Claire to Laka after seeing her at a conference. To say Daniel is smitten by the elegant, pale blond is an understatement. Daniel is so far gone over Claire, who he has watched from a distance, finding the nerve to speak to her. He finally gets his wish, which is under less than ideal circumstances, but, Claire seems pretty calm talking to him.

Dream shadows, Ingrid Weaver

They eventually share a steamy kiss after having a heart-to-heart to the sounds of gunfire outside. But before things can go further, Claire's friend needs to talk to her privately. Against Dan's better judgment, he lets Claire go. It will be the biggest mistake of his life because an explosion goes off and he thinks Claire has been killed. Claire has just buried her father. It's now a year later, after Claire has been in a coma for three months and then has gone through intensive physical therapy.

She can barely make it through the day and has bad panic attacks and nightmares because of her post traumatic stress disorder.

Dream Shadows

Her memory of that Thanksgiving Week is gone. She wants to retrace her steps to find out what happened to her. She also has dreams of a phantom man who makes her feel safe.

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She watches a television news report about a man who has gone into a burning building and saved some lives. It's former marine Daniel Weston, who now runs his own security consulting business in Washington D.

Shadow Spell

Claire recognizes Daniel as the man in her dreams. She will travel to D. Daniel is suffering silently over the death of Claire. So much so, that he hasn't had sex in a year. Claire haunts him and he blames himself for her death. But then Claire stands before him very much alive. Now he won't let Claire, his Blondie, out of his sight and wants to claim her as his own. But he knows all too well of how fragile Claire is. He will help her regain her memory and chase all her nightmares away. But a new nightmare for Claire is about to begin.

Someone wants Claire dead, because in the recesses of her mind, she knows something very damaging and she must be snuffed out.

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  4. Shadows at Midnight reads very much a LMR novel. We have an uber-protective alpha hero, a somewhat delicate, classy looking heroine, and enough sexual tension, mainly on the hero's side, to scorch the pages. Shadows at Midnight has the makings of a fast-paced suspense thriller, comparable to the Bourne Identity movies. I was enjoying Shadows at Midnight up to a point, but then Dan does a truly TSTL too stupid to live move that jolted me out of the story.

    ISBN 13: 9780425246122

    Some may argue it's not a big deal, but when you place the heroine in danger, that's a big blinking red light for me to stop reading. But since this is an Elizabeth Jennings' novel, the bouncing on the sheets must wait. An assassin is hiding in Claire's room, where the moment she walks in, he'll shoot her in the head. Dan knows something is very wrong when the front desk clerk is missing and he spots is blood on the floor.

    Dan takes out his gun and will go up to Claire's room to investigate, because he just knows the big baddie is there waiting to strike. Now you'd think Dan would store Claire in a safe place, like the laundry room, have her call the police, or even have her hide out next door or down the street until he takes care of things.

    She follows him up the room.

    Dream Shadows (Berkley Sensation) Dream Shadows (Berkley Sensation)
    Dream Shadows (Berkley Sensation) Dream Shadows (Berkley Sensation)
    Dream Shadows (Berkley Sensation) Dream Shadows (Berkley Sensation)
    Dream Shadows (Berkley Sensation) Dream Shadows (Berkley Sensation)
    Dream Shadows (Berkley Sensation) Dream Shadows (Berkley Sensation)
    Dream Shadows (Berkley Sensation) Dream Shadows (Berkley Sensation)
    Dream Shadows (Berkley Sensation) Dream Shadows (Berkley Sensation)
    Dream Shadows (Berkley Sensation) Dream Shadows (Berkley Sensation)
    Dream Shadows (Berkley Sensation)

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