En el lado de Canaán (Contemporánea) (Spanish Edition)

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Hispania. Volume 75, Number 5, December | Biblioteca Virtual Miguel de Cervantes

Perhaps the most significant change has to do with the post-Franco awareness of the need for a more distanced approach to Pereda, too often the pawn of widely varying unstated and stated ideological agendas in the past. He was, for example, a shareholder, owner of a soap factory, an adviser and officer of the Banco de Santander, active in charity work.

Madariaga develops this significant side of Pereda, without neglecting his traditionalist hidalgo roots. Pereda, as his biographer points out, was full of contradictions in his work and life. Pereda was living through an era of radical change. Nevertheless, in his writings he frequently attacked the very class to which he belonged. He privileged the countryside and his recreation of an idealized rural patriarchy, yet hated to live there. Madariaga documents this and other inconsistencies of the writer. The book is handsomely presented, with wonderful photographs and other illustrations and several hard to find documents as appendices.

Si bien no estamos frecuentemente en desacuerdo con las percepciones de Ramos, en ocasiones nos preocupan ciertas cosas que asevera u omite. Luis T. Contemporary approaches to Unamuno seem at this point to have taken two general directions. In Navajas we seem to perceive a desire to turn Unamuno into a postmodern. Zavala, on the other hand, feels no qualms about allowing Unamuno to belong to his own epoch. This honesty allows her the pleasure of endowing Unamuno with a prophetic quality and of calling him an initiator Yet she is willing to give credit to postmodernism wherever it is due.

Echoes of Marx are tempered by Freud. Still, it is Bakhtin who predominates. In the process, the written word is undermined and we are forced to place our confidence in the spoken word. Behind this is an epistemology based on responsibility. For Bakhtin and Unamuno, who were both influenced by neo-Kantian philosophy, multiplicity is a cognitive necessity in the struggle against univocal falseness.

Hegelian and Nietzschean themes are his adversaries, as well as any theological trait he might detect in philosophy In all fairness, however, we must recognize that she first analyzes it throughly in Niebla , where the mist is viewed as an epistemological metaphor ultimately related to the dream. Pierre L. Ullman University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. The books also share a negative trait: they lack footnotes, end notes, or parenthetical documentation.

The publishers rather than the authors are to blame for this; their editorial policies proscribe documentation because it may discourage general readers. It is especially galling to find such anti-intellectualism in effect at Edicions 62, a leader in the promotion of Catalan literature and culture.

Popularizing Anti-Semitism in Early Modern Spain and its Empire

One wonders why the official bodies which subsidized these two projects did not impose minimal documentary criteria on the publishers. In spite of the fame Rodoreda enjoyed in her final years, little was known about her life when she died in The Rodoreda who emerges here was, perhaps above all else, an ambitious woman, one who began to yearn quite young for financial independence and, somewhat later, for literary fame.

Rodoreda had a difficult life, marked by an unhappy early marriage to her uncle; a failed maternal experience; two wars; a tormented but enduring love affair which won her the enmity of many important Catalan intellectuals; chronic ill health; and an exile -territorial and linguistic- that lasted thirty-nine years. Her companion in exile, Joan Prat better known by his pseudonym, Armand Obiols , played a crucial role in this transformation. It is not, as her detractors have asserted over the years, that Obiols wrote her fiction, but he did influence it in many positive ways.

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The years spent in exile from brain-drained postwar Spain were also enriching; unlike her compatriots, she was in constant contact with important European and Latin American intellectuals, artists, cinematographers, and their work. On the negative side, her decision to organize the chapters around a particular subject -e. The book contains a surprising number of errata. Ibarz has an unerring eye for the most effective quotation to illustrate her affirmations. Geraldine Cleary Nichols University of Florida. The theories of French social historian Michel Foucault, particularly his ideas on the subject of power, have inspired feminist applications to literary texts as well to social arrangements.

Eleven pages briefly summarize the place of the woman novelist in Spain, introduce Tusquets, then turn to wider issues of power, feminism, and feminist literary criticism, touch on Foucault particularly his theories of power and resistance and the applicability of his ideas to feminist thought. A synopsis of the forthcoming analysis summarizes the main thrust of this book: the use of narrative itself as a procedure and strategy for the power relations to be outlined in subsequent chapters.

Chapter 1 concentrates on El mismo mar de todos los veranos and the use of the intertext and its various complements such as the exotext, paratext, etc. These intertexts are forms of repression which the narrator must resist.

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As would be expected, subsequent chapters offer variations on the theme of power. Simulation as interpreted by Foucault and Jean Baudrillard explains erotics, aesthetics, and power in El amor es un juego solitario. Here, dissociation of the subject from chronology can modify the arrangement of power relations. Siete miradas en un mismo paisaje rekindles the ongoing debate concerning its generic category, but Molinaro also fits this ambiguity into the theme of power by its rebellion against the limits and laws of genre.

Thematically, social situations and betrayal are common to the stories. The focus for Para no volver involves psychoanalysis and the act of retelling as resistance. This book is quite short -only ninety pages, including the introduction and postscript- but limited to the specific topic, it accomplishes its purpose, which includes as well an excellent critical grounding for the analysis. Margaret E. Jones University of Kentucky. Amalia es una mujer sumamente pasiva, sometida a quien quiera conversar con ella.

Se los ve gesticular, sin importar lo que dicen, porque cuando dicen: o dicen poco o no dicen nada, o nada nuevo. Entre los dos hay pugna. El narrador es impasible. Vicente Cabrera University of Minnesota, Morris. However, this awareness, until recently, has not coincided with the development of reference books in Spanish, Portuguese or English. The present book, taking its place among six other reference books in English on this topic, serves as one of the best single sources on Latin American literature.

Its scope and depth can satisfy a disparate clientele from the curious layperson, to the student, to the scholar. One hundred and seventy-six writers, representatives of Latin American letters, Spanish Americans and twenty-seven Brazilians are presented in chronological order by date of birth from the colonial period to the present. Although only authors are included and no literary topics, the editors do provide a forty-one-page history of this literature and a fifteen-page chronology. Selection of authors and apportionment of space are crucial and serve as criteria for status within the entire field of Latin American literature.

A lado de | Spanish to English Translation - SpanishDict

In addition to providing information, a reference book indirectly is an assessment of an individual, a field or a culture. Well thought out and constructed, a bibliographical work can tell us the importance of certain countries in literary production by their numbers of authors and also the status of individual writers.

Bolivia, Ecuador and Panama each have one author. Yet it is very difficult to judge a reference book out of context.

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  5. Deuteronomio 32, La Biblia: La Palabra de Dios para Todos (PDT) | The Bible App.
  6. Manna for Seasons of Grief : A collection of poems, hymns, scriptures, essays to comfort and aid during seasons of Sorrow?
  7. Popularizing Anti-Semitism in Early Modern Spain and its Empire;

Therefore, it is necessary to peruse some of the other references in English on this same topic in order to measure the achievement of Latin American Writers. The selections in this book are from Contemporary Authors and approximately U. Hispanic and Spanish American authors are covered each in three pages with a few biographical facts, primary and secondary biographies and a critical discussion of contributions.

When put within the context of the above, Latin American Writers is an achievement in size and in scope. None of the other works equals it for bibliographical data and for broadness and depth of discussions.

  • Francisco de Torrejoncillo and the Centinela contra Judíos (1674).
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  • Consequently, although one could quibble with the editors about representations of countries and space allotment to certain authors, the work as a whole is excellent. It should be especially useful in smaller libraries that cannot afford sources on most of the included authors. The book also indicates a maturity in Latin American literature at least from the point of view of acceptance in the English-speaking world. Richard D. Woods Trinity University.

    Schmidhuber y Alatorre, cada uno por su parte, hallaron ediciones sueltas de una comedia impresa, La segunda Celestina , el primero en la Universidad de Pennsylvania y el otro en la Biblioteca Nacional de Madrid. Benedetto Croce once remarked that impartial history is hard to find. The authors, experts from diverse disciplines, concur that the Inquisition was as much a government agency that enforced internal security as it was a defender of Roman Catholicism.

    Rather, the local bishops had jurisdiction over them, both secular and ecclesiastical, thus creating in New Spain two separate but parallel legal systems. Only two among the thousands of indigenous folk healers ever received harsh sentences.

    En el lado de Canaán (Contemporánea) (Spanish Edition) En el lado de Canaán (Contemporánea) (Spanish Edition)
    En el lado de Canaán (Contemporánea) (Spanish Edition) En el lado de Canaán (Contemporánea) (Spanish Edition)
    En el lado de Canaán (Contemporánea) (Spanish Edition) En el lado de Canaán (Contemporánea) (Spanish Edition)
    En el lado de Canaán (Contemporánea) (Spanish Edition) En el lado de Canaán (Contemporánea) (Spanish Edition)
    En el lado de Canaán (Contemporánea) (Spanish Edition) En el lado de Canaán (Contemporánea) (Spanish Edition)

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