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Additionally, DevOps and IT folks have an almost allergic reaction to marketing.

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Try to market to a DevOps guy and they will turn degrees. That realization quickly brought on the question of how one markets a product in the technology sphere.

One of the answers, I quickly learned, is using a tech advocates. Another truth I soon found to be almost universal in IT marketing is that engineers like their shiny toys. At the risk of sounding condescending, I should explain that engineers always want to be the first to try out a new product and provide their insights or feedback.

Engineers in general and Ops in particular are an opinionated bunch and hold their beliefs with almost extreme conviction at times. Given this predilection, Ops become great advocates. You just need the right medium in which to get their attention. When servers, code, or critical infrastructures fail, our technology enables engineers to receive immediate alerts on their smartphones. With these alerts, engineers are able to rapidly speed up their reaction to critical incidents. Every year, thousands of people descend on the Mickey Mouse City for three days of demos and networking.

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After some investigation, we realized that MSPs and IT professionals had no critical alerting method or tools available to them. None of these was a strong solution. We felt that we had a better mousetrap. We came to the conference with a prototype of how our product could integrate with ConnectWise and help MSPs manage the plethora of alerts they received via email, SMS, or page.

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  • We soon realized that we were right in our expectations. MSPs had never seen an alerting technology like ours and rapidly realized numerous applications of our product to their needs. The morning session concludes by explaining how acquired Metocean data is used for operational decision making and processed into Operational Statistics. The theoretical basis and essential derivation steps are outlined along with best practices. The session then concludes with deeper insights into the design exposure of marine structures or vessels to extreme events; how seasonality and directionality are accounted for and lastly touches upon some advanced analysis techniques.

    An Introduction to Trading Types: Fundamental Traders

    Part 4 leads on from Part 3 by taking a closer look at the mechanics of waves and which theories are commonly used estimate the kinematics associated to design individual wave elevations, such as Cmax or Hmax. For each, the key assumptions, boundary conditions and derivation methods will be explained in an easy to digest manner.

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    Extreme Fundamentals of Technology Extreme Fundamentals of Technology
    Extreme Fundamentals of Technology Extreme Fundamentals of Technology
    Extreme Fundamentals of Technology Extreme Fundamentals of Technology
    Extreme Fundamentals of Technology Extreme Fundamentals of Technology
    Extreme Fundamentals of Technology Extreme Fundamentals of Technology
    Extreme Fundamentals of Technology Extreme Fundamentals of Technology
    Extreme Fundamentals of Technology Extreme Fundamentals of Technology

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