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Kudlicki seems an objective and faithful interpreter, but his objectivism has its proper limit.

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One senses an unwillingness to go beyond a composer's intention, but equally a desire to present the music played in a rich style yet in keeping with the spirit of the period. Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung, Germany Polish organist fascinates Apart from gratitude for an extraordinarily informative program in its density, it was the fine sense of colourful sound on the part of the Polish guest, seemingly inexhaustible in making use of all changes of registration, their transparency and juxtaposition, which in addition to superior manual and footwork and ever lucid density of form caused the spontaneous applause of the audience.

Clarin, Argentina Kudlicki is undoubtedly an organist with a symphonic concept He is a virtuoso of the instrument, attains a maximum of purity in spite of the reverberation of the nave and is master of contrasts.


Beeld, South Africa Excellent Mastership in Unity Alexandre Guilmant's "Symphony for Organ and Orchestra" is unabashed mass-pleasure. The Polish organist Marek Kudlicki has offered the work with panache Kudlicki's musical versatility is impressive. He possesses an outstanding technique, even in an ardent solo passage of restless footwork.

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That the audience has cheered him so enthusiastically tells nearly the whole story about the music itself and his interpretation of it. Dating from October , this recording is thanks to a young virtuoso who offers honour with talent to the very musical tradition which nourished it, and to the producer who is not scared to leave beaten tracks.

The romanticism of the organ, so perfectly suited to the ensclaved soul finds a deep moving expression in this album.

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La Voz de Michoacan, Mexico Marek Kudlicki offered a fine concert of high quality He got the very best out of the organ, showing his mastery of registration. The Diapason, U. Listen for yourselves to this outstanding interpreter and form your own opinion. However, as one who has studied the contrapuntally-inclined organ music of 19th-century Germany in quite some depth for over ten years, this reviewer says with candoe that a recording of such calibre is a rarity and more than worth acquiring.

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Bravo et Gratias. Kudlicki Wins Appreciation Kudlicki gave a persuasive, finely balanced rendition of Scheidt's Variations "Ach du feiner Reiter". He played with unflagging sensitivity, each line carefully phrased to produce a fresh and direct performance Mozart's K Andante was written for a small organ - the piece had a lovely bell-like clarity which Kudlicki exploited to the full.

Marek Kudlicki is one of the few organists who earns his living almost exclusively from appearing in concerts.

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Repertoire of works for organ and orchestra. Press quotes. The Straits Times, Singapore CD recordings. Alexandre Guilmant - Symphony No.

Echo Fantasia, SwWV 275 (Sweelinck, Jan Pieterszoon)

Fantasia alla Marcia "Het Wilhelmus". Login to recommend piece! Share Piece Featured Article. Fantasia and Fuge in C min.

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Organ: Litomysl Software: Hauptwerk Views: Today, the fifth of May, is celebration day, because on that day most parts of Holland were freed and the war in our country ended. I mentioned in that upload, that some music on the Wilhelmus was already on the concert hall, mainly by Jan Zwart. Outside of those few moments, this film is a bold achievement in bare-bones filmmaking that I think a lot of people could learn from.

Fans of art-house films that like there to be an emotional upheaval mixed in with their horror would do well to seek out this film when it eventually gets a wide release. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email.

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J. P. Sweelinck: Echo Fantasia in a

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Fantasia in Echo Style Fantasia in Echo Style
Fantasia in Echo Style Fantasia in Echo Style
Fantasia in Echo Style Fantasia in Echo Style
Fantasia in Echo Style Fantasia in Echo Style
Fantasia in Echo Style Fantasia in Echo Style
Fantasia in Echo Style Fantasia in Echo Style
Fantasia in Echo Style Fantasia in Echo Style
Fantasia in Echo Style Fantasia in Echo Style
Fantasia in Echo Style

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