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The magic ingredients that I carry within me, into every day of my life, are my imagination and my creativity. There is no wall too tall, too deep, or too wide that can stop me from achieving the fulfillment of my dreams. I love that when you declare that we are living in the darkest days ever, that I will light for you a candle.

Because as I locked myself in the basement of my local university library, in a desperate personal search to find the answers to all the things I hated about my life, I started to look back throughout history. It was there, in the deep silence of that place, that I started to fall in love with whom I was becoming in my mind as I was introduced to men and women who were faced with situations and seasons that were far more challenging than the ones that we currently face — and yet they won. Harness the power of hate, fall in love with whom you can become, and go live a life of awesome and unstoppable magnificence!

Peter G. Memory, Sorrow and Thorn : A key component of the spell to summon the undead Storm King back into Osten Ard is the channeled fear and hate of all the mortals in the world, fomented by the very war that the Storm King started.

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Rejecting this hate is the key to defeating him. In Neuromancer , Wintermute claims that Case is going to have to hate something to have the strength to carry out Wintermute's plans - preferably the Tessier-Ashpool family that it's conspiring against, but hating Wintermute itself will also do in a pinch. He cites this trope as the reason why, pointing out that hatred can overcome fear. Green there's a minor character who is a goth with the power to hate things out of existence.

She just stares at them, focuses on how much she hates, and they vanish forever. In Space Marine Battles , Alessi Cortez believes that his hatred of traitors and xenos is what has kept him alive and fighting for his three hundred years of service. Weston who just happens to be possessed by the Devil discovers not just a moment of Perfect Hate, but also just what to do with that hate, which allows him to actually overcome a far stronger enemy.

This is given a theological justification as to why Ransom can do this and morally remain a good guy: Weston is possessed by The Devil , and thus is pure evil, and pure evil is the only thing that righteously deserves to be hated.

How To Harness The Magnificent Power Of Hate

The Demons in Elfstones of Shannara run on pure hatred. In Waylander , by David Gemmell , Waylander originally runs on this before reverting to stoicism. More specifically, the executioners are somehow able to harness the people's anger and frustration and channel it into an Agony Beam. The worse the crime, the bigger the crowd. Demandred the Forsaken in The Wheel of Time was stuck being Always Second Best to the Chosen One , so he joined the Shadow and became one of the greatest threats to the world, because he hated the Chosen One more than anyone had hated anything, ever.

Ultimately subverted: he joins the Last Battle with an unbeatable group of assets, then squanders them all by trying to force his nemesis into a one-on-one fight, completely missing that the guy's thousands of miles away. Instead, his hatred gets him killed like a chump by a total stranger before the Chosen One ever learns that he's alive. Val, one of the major characters in The Womens Room by Marilyn French cites this when she and Mira see each other for the last time. Mira does not take it well.

Val: "What you see as my deformity, I see as my purification. Hate is a great definer. You lose something, but develop something else to fullness. Like blind people learning to hear with exquisite acuteness, or deaf people learning to read lips, eyebrows, faces. Hate has made me able to act as I should have been acting all along. My fucking love of mankind kept me from being a friend to womankind. Live-Action TV. In Angel after being trapped in the hell dimension Quar-toth Holtz attributes his ability to survive to this trope, before he started surviving through the Power of Love instead.

His final actions make it pretty clear that he never gave up on the hatred. In Babylon 5 , the Narn are hugely motivated by their hatred of the Centauri.

Londo even claims that if you got together all the Narn and got them to hate simultaneously, they would destroy Centauri Prime. The hatred is quite mutual.

The curious power of hate propaganda in open societies

Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Spike suggests this is the real reason Buffy hasn't staked him — despite his evolving role over the series as villain, untrustworthy ally, Bastard Boyfriend and now Manchurian Agent. You like men who hurt you. You need the pain we cause you.

You need the hate. You need it to do your job, to be the Slayer. The Master: You do not understand hatred as I understand it. Only hate keeps me alive. Why else should I endure this pain? Stottlemeyer: How is our boy? Monk's Doctor: He's stable. Actually, he's better than stable.


His vital signs have improved. We're not sure why. Stottlemeyer: That'll be the hatred. Pure malice is the best medicine in the world. According to Orthodox Christianity, the true purpose of hate is to banish evil or messy thoughts and memories which come to us from demons. But it's also necessary to pray to God to get help. Some Japanese Yokai , and especially the onryo "vengeful ghosts" , are connected to the human world through their hatred.

The Gashadokuro is a giant skeleton powered by collective hate and misery of all who died from famine and war and were never put to rest. The Kuchisake-onna Split-mouth Woman is the ghost of a murdered woman who mutilates people in the same way that killed her or butchers them in their own homes if they get away. Teke Teke is a more modern one; the ghost of a school girl or young women who was split in half at the waist by a train and now take out her grudge on the living by making them look just like her.

Numerous cultures in the Middle East and the Caucuses believe in the concept of the "Evil Eye", a type of Death Glare or Curse powered by jealousy and hatred.

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It is believed that those in the cross-hairs of the evil eye will experience bad luck, injury or illness. The Evil Eye Charms , commonly associated with Turkey, are intended as protection against this. Pro Wrestling. John Cena debuted a new t-shirt with the slogan "Rise Above the Hate," coinciding with an anti-bullying campaign but also something of a Take That! Suddenly along comes Kane who's returned to his masked, hideously evil roots, and tries to get Cena to "embrace the hate," effectively living off this trope.

Despite the fact that Cena never embraced the hate and only channeled his anger towards Kane himself , this was also the time when Kane had been the most continuously effective since early in his World Title run a couple years before, so in his case it sort of worked. Tabletop Games. Most beings in Exalted are only capable of so much hatred- literally, as the game puts a hard limit on the number of Intimacies you have or, at least, can gain a mechanical benefit from.

Kimbery, however, has no limit to the number of negative Intimacies she can possess, and can never forget a negative Intimacy Also counts for all Infernal Exalted that take her Charms. Malfeas is also a strong contender for this trope- he is endlessly angry about the atrocities visited upon him by the Exalted, which manifests as an ability to ignore all pain, as well as an ability to burn his enemies with irradiated green fire.

If you're lucky, he'll only kill you.

President Trump bears out the author’s warnings about the violence of language.

The Neverborn are dead Primordials who exist in constant physical and spiritual torment, unable to either fully cease existing or be reborn in new forms. Although unable to leave their world-sarcophagi, their resentment of the living world was great enough to create the Deathlords, and their Whispers constantly resound throughout the Underworld, driving ghosts mad and warping them into nephwracks. Genius: The Transgression gives us Clockstoppers. Whereas Geniuses are enraptured by the possibility of the world, Clockstoppers possess an anti-intellectualism so potent and vitriolic that it stops progress.

Any other time. But NOW?

Their powers involve raising angry mobs, breaking a Genius's Wonders through spite alone, and draining Mania just through endless anger. In Magic: The Gathering , Hatred is a card. Also, "hate" refers to any card that destroys another strategy, such as Torpor Orb which stops comes-into-play abilities and allies which are only activated by allies coming into play. Princess: The Hopeful has the Invocation of Tempesta that allows magical girls to tap into the power of hate as easily as The Power of Love.

As you might expect Tempesta leads to extreemly powerful combat magic but it's use encourages indiscriminate destruction, including destruction of the user. Warhammer Fantasy Battle The High King of Dwarves invokes this by coming to battle equipped with the "Book of Grudges," a huge tome filled with all the transgressions other races have committed against the dwarves. He picks the entries relevant to the current enemy and reads them like a litany, making sure his retinue goes to battle with the proper attitude.

The "hatred" special rule gives units bonuses when fighting their hated enemy.

Is It Power or Hate Is It Power or Hate
Is It Power or Hate Is It Power or Hate
Is It Power or Hate Is It Power or Hate
Is It Power or Hate Is It Power or Hate
Is It Power or Hate Is It Power or Hate
Is It Power or Hate Is It Power or Hate
Is It Power or Hate Is It Power or Hate
Is It Power or Hate Is It Power or Hate
Is It Power or Hate

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