La trahison des économistes (Le Débat) (French Edition)

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Je ne le crois pas.

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J'en doute. C'est une objection de fond. Weill en ceci. Ce n'est pas un reproche. Il serait souhaitable que M. It seems to be that his thought is more in line with the position the Conference has taken in paragraph 88 in endorsing the Director-General's intention to consolidate the progress made.

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In that sense, making every effort to strengthen the efficiency of the Programme seems to be quite appropriate. But in general I would find his suggestions in line with the position we have already approved in paragraph The wording suggested seems to be a criticism, whereas consolidating progress seems to be an endorsement in one form or another. West ait pris la parole avant moi.

Nous le demandons. Would that be acceptable to the delegate of France and the delegate of the United States who supported him? I understand that it would be acceptable to him. My delegation would certainly object to this amendment, because we do not want FAO to deal with our problems in an ad hoc manner.

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If anything, it definitely spoils the meaning, because our problems in the developing countries are not those which can be dealt with in an ad hoc manner. Perhaps we could ask them to read the second part of the French amendment, with the other amendment proposed by the United States, so that delegates can see whether it. Nous ne sommes pas malades. Il s'agit d'une nouvelle philosophie. Nous pensons que le texte devrait demeurer tel qu'il est actuel lement. Would that create diffi culties for you because it seems that this is really the difficult part of your proposal. I appreciate that several delegations want to take the floor, but I think that before we give them the floor wo should try to see what we are now discussing.

Could that be acceptable to the other delegations? Pour essayer d'illustrer ce que je dis, et M. I do not have the pertinent TCP paper in front of me, but when the Programme was adopted there were various criteria established, for example, that it should be short-time projects, and that the Director-General wanted to be able to respond speedily; perhaps it would be simplest if we could merely refer to these criteria which were laid down earlier.

Another point I would like to raise is this. We have to go back a little to the third paragraph which says the meeting of the Technical Cooperation Programme operation was started on 1 November This means that really what we want to see is that something which was started last year is something that must be strengthened so that it can respond to the needs of developing countries readily. Therefore instead of just accepting an amendment for the sake of it, I would appeal to the delegate of France to withdraw his amendment, because the words he wants to use are already in the paragraph and are stated much more clearly than if we add the other word to bring the interpretation.

I understand the latest French proposal then to be that he withdraws his amendement. Would that be agreeble to all delegates? It seems to be the case. Paragraph 1 is adopted with this amendment. Chairman, my delegation thinks that the paragraph which came in the Arabic text before me is complete in expressing the idea and is not in need of any further clarification. Therefore, I call for maintaining the text as it is without any amendments.

Bloc-notes : libérer la France de sa prison intellectuelle

We have been discussing this for half an hour at least, and since it does not disturb the text in any way I appeal to you to accept it. Delegate of Libya, can I take it that you accept it? It is actually complete. I think it sounds better. I think there is no need for such a word, but as long as the other delegates think that it is necessary I have no objection. It is so adotped. Operative paragraph 2. Any comments on that one?

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  • No comments on paragraph Any comments on paragraph 90? Paragraph 91, any comments on paragraph 91?

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    Is that acceptable to all delegations? Could I ask the delegates of France and Gabon to agree among them selves on this point? We will have a new text if necessary. If not we will take it you agree with the present text as it stands. Would that be acceptable? Can I take it as adopted? We go on to paragraph Any comments on 92? Any comments on paragraph 98? And is the rest of paragraph 98 acceptable? Any comments on paragraph 99? We come then to the text of the Resolution.

    Any comments on the first preamble paragraph? The third, fourth and fifth preambular paragraphs? Are there any objections to that proposal? It is proposed by the delegation of Ethiopia. Is it acceptable? Je pensais qu'il s'agissait des limites du Programme et budget.

    Eugène Varga

    It is the first I have heard of it and I really cannot explain it, because it does not have any meaning as far as I am concerned; it only introduce a misconception. Provisions of the budget are provisions of the budget. There is no need to talk about limits or otherwise. I really do not think it assists understanding at all.

    BAKER United States of America : I think that if we are to send forward a report which, in effect, endorses an FAO budget for the next biennium just about double that of four years ago we would want to reflect more strongly the substantial reservations that a number of Member States, certainly including my own, hope about the level. For this reason, I would like to suggest the strengthening of paragraph , which as I read it is the part of this report where these reservations are reflected. Le dollar ne cesse de baisser. C'est ce qui passe dans tous les pays agricoles du monde.

    Lorsqu'on essaie de bloquer les prix pendant un certain temps, il y a finalement une explosion. Il en est ainsi dans tous les pays du monde et pour tous les produits agricoles. Je ne vois personne ici qui puisse dire que les prix des produits agricoles ont suivi les prix des produits agricoles. Mais la FAO est un cas particulier. Est-ce que cela doit se traduire par ce que je lis dans le paragraphe ? Je me pose la question.

    Je ne voudrais pas parler ici du fond de la proposition, mais de certains termes que l'on utilise dans le rapport. Il y a une disproportion entre les nouvelles propositions et ce que les autres membres de cette commission ont pu dire. : site officiel unique de télépaiement

    First f all I think what we are doing here is that we are approving a report of the Commission which, after it is approved, then it means that all the delegates agree with the contents of the report. Now in paragraph - and I must say at the outset that if it were put to the vote my delegation would certainly abstain or we would not support this paragraph, simply because this paragraph raises certain issues which various delegates concerned should have included in their statements in the Plenary because it expresses an opinion of a delegation - but our efforts here are to get a report which is acceptable to all of us.

    There are the following ways with which we can deal with this. The first would be in paragraph where at least would be all the countries which said this and agreed to paragraph , and then my delegation would have no objection, and they could make it as strong as they wish provided they mention it. Secondly, we would have together with other delegations to state what the other majorities said in opposition to paragraph , and really I would have said, Mr. Chairman, that those countries which agree with this paragraph would simply state their names, and then we will know they are there and let the paragraph remain there, but knowing fully well that some of us are abstaining from this paragraph and therefore we will not be committed to the contents of this paragraph and we will go on with our work.

    Otherwise, if it is the intention of the amendment, that after the amendments which have been added by the delegate of the United States that you come and say we now agree to this paragraph, certainly my delegation does not agree and they will abstain from voting on it, and we do not see why we should waste a lot of time discussing on issues and the feelings of the particular delegations which are not supported by the majority.

    La trahison des économistes (Le Débat) (French Edition) La trahison des économistes (Le Débat) (French Edition)
    La trahison des économistes (Le Débat) (French Edition) La trahison des économistes (Le Débat) (French Edition)
    La trahison des économistes (Le Débat) (French Edition) La trahison des économistes (Le Débat) (French Edition)
    La trahison des économistes (Le Débat) (French Edition) La trahison des économistes (Le Débat) (French Edition)
    La trahison des économistes (Le Débat) (French Edition) La trahison des économistes (Le Débat) (French Edition)
    La trahison des économistes (Le Débat) (French Edition) La trahison des économistes (Le Débat) (French Edition)
    La trahison des économistes (Le Débat) (French Edition) La trahison des économistes (Le Débat) (French Edition)

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