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Killing an enemy who is currently Phaselocked creates 1 Life Orb per level which automatically seeks out and heals you and your friends. Life Tap. Killing an enemy gives you 1. Melee Override. Press [melee] to throw an Orb of Slag that constantly damages enemies near it. This ability has a 18 second cooldown. Increases Magazine Size and Reload Speed with all weapon types. Phaselocking an enemy causes a fiery explosion, damaging all nearby enemies.

Maya Python for games and film : a complete reference for ...

Chain Reaction. Your melee attacks deal additional Fire Damage. Also, when your shields become depleted you create a fiery explosion, damaging nearby enemies. Your shields must fully recharge between explosions. Cloud Kill. Shooting an enemy creates a lingering Acid Cloud, which lasts for 5 seconds, dealing constant Corrosive Damage to enemies who touch it. Only one Acid Cloud can be active at a time.

Blight Phoenix. Killing an enemy causes you to deal Fire and Corrosive Damage to nearby enemies for a short time. The damage is based on your Level and the Level of the Blight Phoenix. Action Skill Augmentation.

Maya 2016 tutorial : How to load, position and use reference images for modeling

Phaselock now slags, corrodes and electrocutes nearby enemies. Fire is the weakest element. Nearly half of the game's enemies resist it and it has limited use with the exception of raid bosses. Fire starts losing effectiveness from about level 15 due to Hyperion enemies and a gradual introduction to shielded opponents.

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Shock and Explosive are all-around "safe elements" with very few enemies who resist them making both effective tools against almost everything. Corrosive is a strong secondary element for pesky armored enemies that appear everywhere. Interactive Build [bl2skills. Res is obviously extremely useful in co-op games but for players who really want to start pulling weight, reaching Chain Reaction, Reaper and the capstone skills Cloud Kill and Ruin take precedence.

The skill tree above uses Cataclysm. For this build, you'll first be putting points into Foresight, Immolate and optionally Helios to reach the other tiered skills. Put one point into this for a decent DPS keystone skill. You can instantly revive a friend in Fight for Your Life by using Phaselock on them.

Maya Treasure of the Yucatán

A one-point investment and can be used over long distances so long as you have a clear view of them. This is more useful than Flicker which is why you'll want to initially pile points here. At face value this doesn't seem like a particularly good skill, especially because it adds fire elemental damage, but is potent and helpful for getting yourself second winds.

It's better than Helios in all regards so it's best to either put all 5 points here or leave one point in Helios for the DoT damage over time benefits. A generally weak skill and not worth placing more than one point into. The extra fire damage however is very useful for healing using Moxxi weapons Pick this up as soon as you can and once completed, turn it into Moxxi for a blue unique pistol called Rubi. This includes grenade damage, melee damage, and amazingly- any damage your Phaselock causes.

This is why the one point in Helios is there.

Maya Rock, featured at Jane Friedman

While all Moxxi weapons have a percentage of damage-to-healing properties, Rubi has the highest percentage in the base game. You'll want to hold onto this even if it gets vastly outlevelled because the healing percentage won't change and it will save your life! Just swap to Rubi, phaselock and heal.

Rubi [borderlands.

Best prefix: Doesn't matter. Best element: Slag Where to get it: Complete the quest "Rakkaholics Anonymous" Read the above paragraph for gun details. This is absolutely a must in every character's early inventory. You can even use it through multiple game modes if you get it in slag. As you continue down the tree, you'll want to pick up a couple of her core skills, Chain Reaction and Reaper. Both of these skills are strong and should be maxed as soon as you can get them. Backdraft's measly fire damage is not worth wasting points on.

Your Maya probably won't be standing close enough to enemies for Backdraft to be of great use anyway.

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The last important skill in Cataclysm is the capstone Ruin and to reach it you'll have to put 5 more points somewhere else. Other than Foresight, Immolate, Chain Reaction and Reaper, the rest of the skills have no meaningful purpose so these last 5 are "dump" points that can be put anywhere you see fit. I personally like to put a single point into Blight Phoenix for badass Siren wings and the rest into Flicker.

A wonderful skill that will ricochet bullets in an unfortunate group of enemies standing too close to each other.

Ricocheted bullets don't suffer damage reduction and take on full amp damage if you have an amplify shield equipped. It'll proc as long as you phaselock something so you don't have to be aiming at a phaselocked enemy for this to work! Perfect when paired with Converge and singularity grenades. This extends to shielded enemies as well and is exceptionally helpful for bosses.

Reward Yourself

Phaselock will electrocute, corrode and most importantly SLAG the phaselocked enemy and anyone around them. By the time you reach LVL 30, you should be close if not already finished your first playthrough of the game! Congrats honorary Vault Hunter! Then it's onto TVHM!

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Seven wonders of the world Throughout this playthrough you'll be pushing points into the other two trees now that Cataclysm is maxed. The order in which you put your points is entirely up to you so long as you push full points into Wreck, Ward and Suspension. You'll also be on the hunt for stronger, updated weapons and I highly recommend trying to get some of the uniques previously mentioned if you haven't done so already.

A good tactic that many experienced players will do is to skip all sidequests with good rewards ie. Heartbreaker, Hail until after the entire main storyline is complete. This is because once you beat the Warrior on TVHM, all unaccepted sidequests and their loot will level to you. The " Doctor's Orders " sidequest is another good opportunity for rare loot. In order to farm this quest you should not pick up any of the ECHO logs and follow the map to Bloodwing's holding cell. Very aptly named skill.

Combined with Reaper, most enemies won't survive a single Phaselock.

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  6. Considering the biggest drawbacks on the Bee are its slow recharge delay, this skill will help you keep it at full capacity more often. And probably save your life too. Decent skill for Maya but is especially great for Mayas using Bees. Maya experts and special effects gurus Tom Meade and Shinsaku Arima cover every step in the Maya production workflow using easy-to-follow tutorials, real-world examples, and insider tips and tricks. Maya 8: The Complete Referenceshows you how to use the latest version of Maya to its full potential.

    Maya 8: The Complete Reference Maya 8: The Complete Reference
    Maya 8: The Complete Reference Maya 8: The Complete Reference
    Maya 8: The Complete Reference Maya 8: The Complete Reference
    Maya 8: The Complete Reference Maya 8: The Complete Reference
    Maya 8: The Complete Reference Maya 8: The Complete Reference
    Maya 8: The Complete Reference Maya 8: The Complete Reference
    Maya 8: The Complete Reference Maya 8: The Complete Reference
    Maya 8: The Complete Reference Maya 8: The Complete Reference
    Maya 8: The Complete Reference

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