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The Blue Between Sky and Water

In the small Palestinian farming village of Beit Daras, the women of the Baraka family inspire awe. Nazmiyeh is brazen and fiercely protective of her clairvoyant little sister, Mariam, with her mismatched eyes, and of their mother, Um Mahmoud, known for the fearsome djinni that sometimes possesses her. When the family is forced by the newly formed State of Israel to leave their ancestral home, only Nazmiyeh and her brother survive the long road to Gaza.

Amidst the violence and fragility of the refugee camp, Nazmiyeh builds a family, navigates crises, and nurtures what remains of Beit Daras's community. But her brother continues his exile's journey to America, where, upon his death, his granddaughter Nur grows up alone, in a different kind of exile, the longing for family and roots eventually beckoning her to Gaza. There are a number of defense-oriented InfoSec tasks that are not widely considered to be Blue-Team-worthy, e.

What makes a Blue Team vs. Purple is a cooperative mindset between attackers and defenders working on the same side. As such, it should be thought of as a function rather than a dedicated team.

That could be an incident response group, a detection group, a developer group—whatever. If the good guys are trying to learn from whitehat hackers, that can be considered a Purple Team exercise. I have some analogies that I came up with for describing how the concept of a dedicated Purple Team is a bad idea.

When management is asked why they hired this extra person to do this instead of having the waiters do it themselves, the answer was:. Elite Chefs Who Keep the Food in the Kitchen : An expert is brought in to figure out why a restaurant is failing when they have all this top-end chef talent. Evidently customers are waiting forever and often not getting food at all. When the reviewer goes into the kitchen they find stacks of beautiful, perfectly-arranged plates of food sitting next to the stoves.

I know way more about food than these stupid waiters and stupid customers.

The One Story: Balancing Loyalty Between Black And Blue | News One

So I keep it here. In addition to the well-known Red, Blue, and Purple team concepts, April Wright brilliantly introduced a few other team types in a Blackhat talk called, Orange is the New Purple. In that talk she introduced the concept of the Yellow team, which are the builders, and then combined them with Blue and Red to produce the other colors. I think this is extremely smart, but disagree somewhat with some of the characterizations of the combinations.

Red and Blue teams ideally work in perfect harmony with each other, as two hands that form the ability to clap. Like Yin and Yang or Attack and Defense, Red and Blue teams could not be more opposite in their tactics and behaviors, but these differences are precisely what make them part of a healthy and effective whole.

Red Teams attack, and Blue Teams defend, but the primary goal is shared between them: improve the security posture of the organization. Organizations that suffer from one or more of these ailments are most likely to think they need a Purple Team to solve them.

And that concept is cooperation and mutual benefit toward a common goal. The unifying theme is getting the Red and Blue team to agree on their shared goal of organizational improvement and not to introduce yet another entity into the mix. Think of Purple Team as a marriage counselor. Original Poster. Nathan Bechtel.

The Ocean Blue - Between Something and Nothing (Official Music Video)

Yes the dotted line between 2 points as pointed by orange arrow. Avner Tishby.

I have the same problem. It's possible to add waypoints, visible as white circles, and the distance itself is displayed correctly, but the dotted line between waypoints is missing, causing the whole thing to be unreadable because there's no way to see the order of the waypoints. Mohamad Najib. That is the same problem I have with mine the white dots are there but the dotted lines between them are not I tried reinstalling maps but still don't work, it has just started to do this in the past few days.

I was just wondering how to fix this problem I really like using the maps and the measure distance tool. Can you please help me find out what the problem is. Thanks, nathan. User I've even tried it on a different phone and it is still the same. I even tried it on Samsung phone and it is working as well.

Maybe those who are using Huawei phones are the ones experiencing the problem. Colin Jones Blue dotted line is back for me too! This question is locked and replying has been disabled. Discard post? You will lose what you have written so far. Subscribe to updates. Failed to attach file, click here to try again.


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The Blue Between The Blue Between
The Blue Between The Blue Between
The Blue Between The Blue Between
The Blue Between The Blue Between
The Blue Between The Blue Between

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