The Dance of Your Core Healing

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Why are you bothering me with this right now? The Je Khenpo Nizer Tulku is staying with his niece.

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I am sure I can arrange a meeting for Mike to meet the Nizer Tulku. Sure enough, despite all supplicants being denied for several years, Dorji arranged a most rare audience with the Nizer Tulku, royal bodyguards notwithstanding, or rather, standing down. After we were greeted by the nurse and the niece, it took more than an hour for the Nizer Tulku to be readied.

He was coughing, moaning, and crying out from the adjacent altar throne room where he lay, something difficult to hear. Finally we were led into his chamber. We beheld a very fragile, partly reclined skeleton of a man, legs folded in the lotus position. His eyes were urgent resulting in a penetrating focus of ever-more-grand intensity.

He had a scraggly mustache and white beard. Colored string, to be tied around our necks, had been laid out on his forearm.

The Dance of Your Core Healing : Transforming Your Mind, Body, & Soul in the New World

He wore a ceremonial robe and hat, and carried a scepter-like silver tube containing mantra scriptures. His lower half was covered with a green blanket.

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When Mike entered, the Nizer Tulku straightened taller, and the most extraordinary vortex of energy, emanating behind him in a widening funnel shape, pervaded the room. He suddenly appeared towering and powerful. It was holy. Mike stood humbly, hands folded in front.

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The Nizer Tulku began to recite a mantra, and called each of the four of us forward so he could bonk us on the head with the silver scepter. As he continued his mantra, his voice took on an unusual timbre. He gazed at Mike. Mike looked to him. Then Mike began to shake head to toe in a wild fashion.

He was a big, muscular man. It was shocking and took up a lot of room. He never fell down, always stayed upright, but arms, legs, feet, hands, head, eyes, flew about making this lifelong athlete look like a ragdoll in a tornado, like he was being struck by lightening. It was terrifying in a way, but not frightening to any of us, who remained calm despite the floor and walls and platforms of this old country house rocking like it was about to crumble.

This shaking lasted about five minutes. When it was over, a relaxed Nizer Tulku tied strings around our necks and we backed away reverentially, making our exit. He shut off the pacemaker connecting his heart to his brain, designed to stimulate dopamine production, and never turned it on again. His eyes took on a sheen I had never seen and his face was transformed.

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Did you hear? We asked him what was the wonderful news.

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What all believed was that the Je Khenpo, the great Nizer Tulku, who had suffered so much, was waiting to meet Mike, whom they truly believed was someone very special. Our trip was never the same after that, and neither was Mike. This article is dedicated to the memory of Mike Borre. See more. Core of Culture. Advanced Search.

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Search in Features Section:. North America. Art and Archaeology. Books and Literature. The Art of Healing is a journey of birthing a creative process hat deeply addresses the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual aspects in our lives. To live in vibrant and optimal health not only requires a new perception to a shifting global paradigm, but also our understanding of allopathic and alternative medicine.

We arrived at a point in human evolution when we must establish an entirely new approach to and relationship with medicine itself. In simple and accessible language based on 21st century cutting-edge science from integrated and holistic medicine, homeopathy, systemic herbology, anatomy, cellular biology, nutrition, detoxification protocols, and spirituality, Dr.

Angelika Maria Koch welcomes everybody to feel inspired to dance a new dance and to choose a completely new way of living. Claire Weekes. Steven R. Donna Jackson Nakazawa. Chris Jarmey. Colin Campbell. Nadine Burke Harris. Pete Egoscue. Andreas Moritz. Dinah Bradley. Kathleen Porter. Joanne Stepaniak. Amy Ramos.

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Jimmy Moore. Shane O'Mara. Margaret Roberts. David Card. Nikita Gill. Dr Anjali Mahto. Niall Tubridy. Mickey Trescott. Ben Angel. Tizzie Hall.

David D. Amy Myers. Brittany Samons. Norman Doidge. Caitlin Doughty. Matt Fitzgerald.

The Dance of Your Core Healing The Dance of Your Core Healing
The Dance of Your Core Healing The Dance of Your Core Healing
The Dance of Your Core Healing The Dance of Your Core Healing
The Dance of Your Core Healing The Dance of Your Core Healing
The Dance of Your Core Healing The Dance of Your Core Healing
The Dance of Your Core Healing The Dance of Your Core Healing
The Dance of Your Core Healing The Dance of Your Core Healing
The Dance of Your Core Healing The Dance of Your Core Healing

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