The Day the Bank Stood Still

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There were apps that would make financial decisions for an individual using AI and ML algorithms. The algorithms were so sophisticated that it knew how to manage credit to get the maximum credit score. This made it very difficult for the AI and ML credit scoring algorithms to differentiate among applicants when most of them had near perfect credit history. The credit scoring algorithm scored all applicants and decided that everyone qualified for a loan with the highest credit limit and lowest interest rate. A quality monitoring AI algorithm triggered an alarm and alerted leadership team about the potential issue in credit scoring decision.

Leadership team reviewed logs by working with the 3-member analytics team and got thoroughly confused with what was happening. Customers used AI and ML to perfect their credit and the AI and ML used for making credit decisions at the bank scored all applicants as perfect applicants. The leadership team decided to turn down all the approved applicants through a personalized apology email. In the evening de-brief meeting, they discussed how to fix this bizarre situation. Everyone in the room went into deep thoughts on what they have done to their analytics systems.

Raj is a business leader with over 15 years of advanced analytics experience. He has setup analytics functions in US and India and has been instrumental in driving strong business outcomes for several organizations. In his current role as head of India Advanced Analytics function IHS Markit, he is responsible for guiding a team of strong statisticians, economists and mathematicians in building advanced analytical products for several key businesses IHS Markit. You must be logged in to post a comment.

Rajkumar Narasimhan Raj is a business leader with over 15 years of…. It is not science fiction. It is a demonstration of the capabilities of GIS to model the results of an extremely unlikely, yet intellectually fascinating query: What would happen if the earth stopped spinning?

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ArcGIS was used to perform complex raster analysis and volumetric computations and generate maps that visualize these results. The world as we know it. The obvious demarcation of land and ocean is indicated by the contour of 0 elevation. The longer, equatorial axis of Earth's ellipsoid is more than The flattening of the ellipsoid shown on this map was intentionally exaggerated. The most significant feature on any map that depicts even a portion of the earth's ocean is the spatial extent of that water body. Typically, we do not pay much attention to the delineation of the sea because it seems so obvious and constant that we do not realize it is a foundation of geography and the basis for our perception of the physical world.

The line separating oceans from continents outlining the spatial extent of both land and water is the most fundamental contour. It is zero elevation because it signifies the sea level. Why is the sea level where we currently observe it?

The Day the Earth Stood Still () - IMDb

What controls the sea level? How stable are the forces that determine the sea level? This article does not refer to the climate change and the potential increase of the water level in the global ocean but rather to the geometry of the globe and the powerful geophysical energies that determine where oceans lie. Sea level is—and has always been—in equilibrium with the planet's gravity, which pulls the water toward the earth's center of mass, and the outward centrifugal force, which results from the earth's rotation.

After a few billion years of spinning, the earth has taken on the shape of an ellipsoid which can be thought of as a flattened sphere. Consequently, the distance to the earth's center of mass is the longest around the equator and shortest beyond the polar circles. The current difference between the average sea level as observed along the equator and the distance to the earth's center of mass from the sea level at the poles is about The gravity of the still earth is the strongest at the polar regions shown in green.

It is intermediate in the middle latitudes and weakest at the high altitudes of the Andes, close to the equator.

When global rotation stops, the massive oceanic water migration would cease and sea level would be at different locations, completely changing world geography. What would happen if the earth's rotation slowed down and finally stopped spinning over a period of a few decades? ArcGIS lets us model the effects of this scenario, performing calculations and estimations and creating a series of maps showing the effects the absence of centrifugal force would have on sea level.

If earth ceased rotating about its axis but continued revolving around the sun and its axis of rotation maintained the same inclination, the length of a year would remain the same, but a day would last as long as a year. In this fictitious scenario, the sequential disappearance of centrifugal force would cause a catastrophic change in climate and disastrous geologic adjustments expressed as devastating earthquakes to the transforming equipotential gravitational state.

The lack of the centrifugal effect would result in the gravity of the earth being the only significant force controlling the extent of the oceans. Prominent celestial bodies such as the moon and sun would also play a role, but because of their distance from the earth, their impact on the extent of global oceans would be negligible.

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If the earth's gravity alone was responsible for creating a new geography, the huge bulge of oceanic water—which is now about 8 km high at the equator—would migrate to where a stationary earth's gravity would be the strongest. The existing equatorial water bulge also inflates the ellipsoidal shape of the globe itself. The extent of a hypothetical northern circumpolar ocean over the territory of North America is shown. The orange color indicates areas with elevation higher than 3, meters above the level of the northern ocean.

Red dots represent some of the biggest cities of the continent. The bulge defines the final shape of the globe by establishing the uniform sea level in gravitational equilibrium, which is used as the standard reference for describing the shape of the earth. It is the geometry of this very shape that geodesists were trying to calculate for more than a century. Their efforts were finalized by the acceptance of the ellipsoid referred to as World Geodetic System WGS84 by the international community in Washington, D. The ellipsoid WGS84 approximates the shape of the earth more accurately than many other ellipsoids that were previously proposed.

If the earth stood still, the oceans would gradually migrate toward the poles and cause land in the equatorial region to emerge. This would eventually result in a huge equatorial megacontinent and two large polar oceans. The line that delineates the areas that hydrologically contribute to one or the other ocean would follow the equator if the earth was a perfect ellipsoid. However, due to the significant relief of both the continents and the ocean floor, the hypothetical global divide between the areas that hydrologically contribute to one or another ocean deviates from the equator significantly.

Analogous to the well-known U. Continental Divide, this would be the border separating two giant hemispherical watersheds of the new circumpolar oceans. Interestingly, the highest point on this global divide would not be the highest altitude on the entire globe. Cleveland-I Stood on the Banks of Jordan

The highest elevation of the global divide in the Colombian Andes would be about 12, meters, whereas the altitudes of the famous equatorial volcanoes of Chimborazo Ecuador and Kilimanjaro Tanzania would be 13, and 12, meters, respectively. Both volcanoes happen not to be located on the global divide line. The lowest point on the new global dividing line, with an elevation of 2, meters, would be situated southwest of Kiribati Island in the western Pacific.

The Day the World Stood Still

Due to the unique relief of the earth's surface at the beginning of the slowdown, the most significant changes to the outline of land versus water would occur at the high latitudes of the northern hemisphere where the swell ocean would quickly expand over the flat and vast territories of northern Siberia and northern Canada. At the same time, changes to the continental outlines at low latitudes would be barely perceptible because with a few exceptions equatorial waters are deep, and a decrease in water level by a few dozen meters would not cause large areas of land to emerge.

Toward the end of the slowdown period, when the main geographic features of oceans and land would have already adjusted to the ellipsoidal shape of the globe and the new distribution of gravity, relatively small changes would occur. This can be attributed to the ellipsoidal shape of the globe, which overwhelms the effect of the diversity of the earth's geographic relief.

The Day the Bank Stood Still The Day the Bank Stood Still
The Day the Bank Stood Still The Day the Bank Stood Still
The Day the Bank Stood Still The Day the Bank Stood Still
The Day the Bank Stood Still The Day the Bank Stood Still
The Day the Bank Stood Still The Day the Bank Stood Still
The Day the Bank Stood Still The Day the Bank Stood Still
The Day the Bank Stood Still The Day the Bank Stood Still

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