The G.O.D. Dictator (A Thriller)

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In many of them, a community faces adversity but finds a way to come together to trust and support each other. Future Home moves in the opposite direction: Cedar begins with not one but two loving families, as well as several supportive communities, but sees them fragmented by a rapidly crumbling social order. Adopted as an infant and dotingly raised by Glen and Sera Songmaker, gently idealistic Minneapolis liberals, Cedar has never met her biological relatives. Her somewhat romanticized self-image is shaken when she does and learns that her real name is Mary Potts, and that's also the name of her mother, grandmother and sister — she's "just another of many Mary Potts reaching back to the colonization of this region, many of whom now worked at the Superpumper franchise first stop before the casino.

But now, halfway through a pregnancy by a man whose identity the book reveals slowly, Cedar is glad to have the help of both families. In an effort to analyze what's happening and to maintain control, the government is rounding up pregnant women. As Cedar tells us, " W hat began so long ago as the Patriot Act" is amended to allow the government to seize medical databases and compel pregnant women "to be sequestered in hospitals in order to give birth under controlled circumstances.

It is for our own safety and we are required to go voluntarily. To facilitate this "female gravid detention," the government commandeers UPS trucks for its Unborn Protective Services — no need to change the logo. Once those women enter the hospitals, no one knows what happens to them — or to their babies.

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Cedar's adoptive father, Glen, doubts the government, or anyone else, can predict or control what will happen. Life might skip forward, sideways, in unforeseen directions. We wouldn't see the narrative we think we know. Because there was never a story moving forward and there wouldn't be one moving backward. We might actually see chaos. That's just what they're seeing, and not just in terms of the saber-toothed cat and dragonflies with 3-foot wingspans outside their windows.

Pregnant women are taken into custody, but for everyone the power goes off, information from TV and the internet fades away, food and gasoline become terrifyingly scarce.

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Erdrich's dystopia in Future Home inevitably calls up comparison with Margaret Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale, especially when that fine novel has seen a renaissance in print and on screen this year. There are similarities, but Atwood paints a world where the enslavement of women is accomplished fact, where a theocratic dictatorship has established order and handed out the uniforms.

Erdrich focuses on an earlier stage in that process, the frightening historical moment when the old order collapses but only disorder has so far emerged in its wake. So The Circle turns into a corruption story, with one nice character sacrificed in a sequence that makes the movie go off the rails — literally and figuratively. The question hangs: Will Mae be uncorrupted?

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Is it meant to be ironic? Who cares? Watson, meanwhile, is giving her features quite the workout. It was kept from critics until its opening at the Tribeca Film Festival, a madhouse with appearances by the director and stars. But it pales beside the terrifically scary and depressing British TV series Black Mirror , which finds more imaginative ways to portray our happy surrender to technology. Already a subscriber?

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At the least, respond to it respectfully. You are there because someone paid money and bought your book to read. Respect that person and the money he or she paid. If you want to make someone read your book, write a good book. Market it well. Unlike the pyramidal corporate world where you go up the ladder at the cost of your colleagues, in publishing, an Amish need not sell fewer copies for a Ravi Subramanian to sell more.

Collaborate rather than compete. If you have to compete, compete with yourself and try to improve with every book. As an author I have started experimenting with plots now and I am thoroughly enjoying it. I would recommend that every author try something out of their comfort zone. She writes much better than I do.

I love plotting and she loves developing characters. We are very, very different writers. At times we frustrate my wife with our discussions on writing. So much so that we have even thought of the title of the book she would write if she gets down to it — Imbalance: The Life of a Non-writer in a Writer Family. The cover will have the image of a weighing scale with me and my daughter on one side and my wife on the other side.

And no points for guessing which will be the heavier side. Look, it is actually not about India. It is true the world over. Only the bestselling authors make money. No one else does. Which is hardly anything for the effort involved in writing it. That is why I keep saying that one must not get into writing for money. There are better ways to make the kind of money that writing can give you.

If you want to be a long-term writer, write for the right reasons. Write not to pay your bills, but write when your bills are paid. That should be the mantra.

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At that level one ends up making Rs lakh as the gross royalty. Remember, this is the gross revenue.

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You need to net off expenses involved in promotion, travel and incidentals from this. The figure drops even further. But even so, not many have hit the jackpot.

The G.O.D. Dictator (A Thriller) The G.O.D. Dictator (A Thriller)
The G.O.D. Dictator (A Thriller) The G.O.D. Dictator (A Thriller)
The G.O.D. Dictator (A Thriller) The G.O.D. Dictator (A Thriller)
The G.O.D. Dictator (A Thriller) The G.O.D. Dictator (A Thriller)
The G.O.D. Dictator (A Thriller) The G.O.D. Dictator (A Thriller)
The G.O.D. Dictator (A Thriller) The G.O.D. Dictator (A Thriller)

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