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Levy is said to have been instrumental in reviving the project, taking it to Amazon shortly after she joined Endemol Shine back in August and helping negotiate with Amazon and Kudos.

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Agents of the U. Last chance to avoid [ Last chance to avoid spoilers. In the third season of the megahit Netflix series, the [ Nexstar said the stations went down at p. The plot of [ Solmaz Azizi, head of the growing Berlinale Series event that takes place during the Berlin Film Festival, is stepping down. Ebooks

Berlinale Series coordinator Judith Klein is also exiting. The organizers of the film festival confirmed the departures and said that the Series event will continue in the same format. Azizi and Klein sent a joint [ The supernatural thriller series is set in what appears to be an idyllic island summer camp. Mia, played by Lisa Ambalavanar, arrives there expecting the holiday of a lifetime, but the trip [ He lacks a toughness required for the role.

Okay, I see your point, but… he could totally pull off the supercilious British lord whose mood changes instantaneously. Nice pick. He might make a good Rynn Cormel as well. Pretty old, this one, and I totally forgot about this incredibly sexy actress playing the role of Jocelyn. Shannyn Sossamon. She might become my pick for Ivy.

Still have to think about it…. She is sexy! Fantastic actress, can kick ass yet still show her feelings, funny, energetic…. A television show could delve more into the story, but a movie would chop it to pieces. I totally agree with it being a TV series vice a bunch of movies.

She has attitude and appearance. He seems like a sweet old man that will do good and may have a shadowed past. I like your choice for Keasley. Some of the other roles like Ceri, I think I would prefer to see new actors and actresses fill the roles, or at least less known ones. Love Lake Bell for Rachel! I saw her in over her dead body and thought she would be perfect for Rachel!

I too think the TV series would be great. I am super suprised about the suggestions on this list.

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I think I am going to have to say my number one non-asian mix suggestion is Catherine Zeta Jones. Mostly because she has the charisma for the part if not the exact look. This would be a hard role to cast right. I picture her beauty to be so naturally captivating, that it is actually rather simplistically winsome. Her personality is not quite as strong as necessary. A prime example is the movie Entrapment. She does the whole damaged goods thing well, but makes her way too vulnerable for the role of Ivy I think. Yes, I can see what you say Jim. Ivy is willowy…. Not Carolyn Busby. Catherine is the one that is not a good fit.

Hence, my vote now lies with fan, Carolyn Busby.

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I think you might like her. She was also in the new die hard movie. Shes my official pick for Ivy. Felicia Day without a doubt should be Rachel. The only other one I could imagine is Sam Rockwell as Jenks. I always pictured a young and more understandable Ozzy Osbourne as Al. Must have been the glasses. Definitely has the proper appearance!

Why does everyone keep saying actors who look like drug addicts should be Al?? I am having fun looking at all the suggested actors for the Hollows characters!! Her eyes have the look of having seen some very crazy scary shit and she looks like she could kick some serious ass! I have to agree! I can totally see Alexander as Kisten… which just makes me now miss Kisten that much more lol. Not to mention Trent.

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I love all the characters! Please keep on writing more books, this series is awesome! I finally decided to put in my 2 cents about this :. I agree with many of you thanks for such great ideas! If he wasnt so old hed be the perfect trent, the blonde the tan and if anyone ever saw him on Desperate Housewives he can portray messed up and evil well but can also play the nice guy.

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Also as for Rachel isnt she supposed to be very slim, small chested and boyish figured, so a lot of the hot hollywood stars suggested by people are too curvy , need someone tall slim and athletic to be rachel. The only actor in my mind when I read this series is Mark Sheppard as Al — I always picture him in a crushed velvet suit the smoke colored glasses and hear his voice.

He has always had the right balance of disarming charm with an edge of true danger under it all. I would personaly love to see a movie or TV series of these books — for know I am completely content to build the world in my head. Thank You for writing these books —. Good idea. And yes, Sigourney Weaver was my vision when reading about Newt, because she is gracefully aged, with an air of brilliance behind those eyes. She would also be capable of going from innocently curious to scary and all powerful in a New York minute! She would be perfect for that role!

Once I read your suggestion of Sigourney — it was perfect! Brilliant — she has that androgynous look to her face — especially with no hair Aliens 3 I think it was And her curious to scary in the blink of an eye genius! I thought of her…but then i remembered how curvey she is and how and how stick figure Rachel is….

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Jason Isaacs as Al! Yeah, Al all the way…only without the hook of course. Plus, Jason is superb at playing villains. Yeah, definitely think he could pull off big Al! And for Rachel, Scarlett Johansson is definitely at the top of my list! Karen Gillian would be perfect for Rachel, I think, if she could do an American accent. I think of Newt and I think of Annie Lennox. I think she could really pull it off. Or maybe she could have at one point. He can dance really good which would be good for the athleticism needed to play that part.

Plus, he already looks like a pixie! Found my Piscary.

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Really liked his big bad ugly attitude Rachel: Rachelle Lefevre. Ivy: Kristin Kreuk. Kisten: Jason Lewis. Jenks: Jamie Johnston. Ok a lot of these are great picks, but the one character Al where I kind of imagine in my head as reading, the craziest thing—is a cartoon character.

The warden in Superjail.

The Holy Order: Qi Saga Book Two The Holy Order: Qi Saga Book Two
The Holy Order: Qi Saga Book Two The Holy Order: Qi Saga Book Two
The Holy Order: Qi Saga Book Two The Holy Order: Qi Saga Book Two
The Holy Order: Qi Saga Book Two The Holy Order: Qi Saga Book Two
The Holy Order: Qi Saga Book Two The Holy Order: Qi Saga Book Two
The Holy Order: Qi Saga Book Two The Holy Order: Qi Saga Book Two
The Holy Order: Qi Saga Book Two The Holy Order: Qi Saga Book Two
The Holy Order: Qi Saga Book Two The Holy Order: Qi Saga Book Two

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