The Horse in my Heart

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He is beautiful! I just love how he was meant to be yours.

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How he just kept coming back to you! Meant to be. What a beautiful horse!

How do you know if you’ve found your heart horse? | Alexa Linton

I have a friend that is very involved in dressage. I always thought that it was simple when I would watch, but upon learning all that she work on, I was impressed with everything that she did to accomplish her goals. Amazing when we have a connection that it seems to come back to us…congratulations so happy that Nicki will get to spend his senior years with someone that loves him so much!! What a beautiful horse. I love the information about the breed of this horse as well.

I love the image on the side of your blog with your family and that horse! I am both fascinated and terrified of horses, hard to believe right?! Love your passion! What a lovely story about how he came back to you.

When You Find Your Heart Horse, You'll Know

Makes my heart happy. I love all the amazing information you provide about your horses, and what a beautiful horse as well! It sounds like a full-circle moment, having Nicki come home. Nicki is such a gorgeous creature, and sounds like a gentle soul looking over others. I am touched that every time Nicki has left you… he has found his way back to you.

Standing there weaving my fingers through her shoulder-length, salt-and-pepper mane, I told her of the young girl, coming into her own, somewhere far across the country, who deserves to feel the same empowerment I did when I first swung a leg over her back. Who will love her, maybe even more than I did, if that's possible.

I told her of the coastal home, with perfect weather and impeccable care, that she'll soon find. I promised her if she ever needed me, I'd be there, and she could come back on the first ride to Colorado.

Make My Heart Fly (IRE)

And with that, I put my foot in her stirrup and slipped back into her saddle for the last time. I closed my eyes as we rode the last fence line, trying to believe this was it. I don't even remember walking out of that gate, up the driveway, and into the barn. I know when I stepped off that last time, I took a deep breath through my tears, absorbing the enormity of the moment.

I tucked her into her pen, so she'd be ready to leave in the morning, told her I loved her, and tried to go to bed. About midnight, I walked outside, grabbed a hand full of treats, and stroked her foretop again. I said goodnight one last time, and I went to bed. Before she left the next morning, I strapped on a new pair of Soft Ride Boots for her trailer ride.

She needed them more than me, anyhow, and it was one last parting gift for the best horse I've ever owned. Plus, she's going somewhere that I know they'll put them to good use for her. There's nothing easy about catching her for the last time, throwing that rope over her neck, and watching her hop into a trailer I don't know.

This day—the cries, the relief of knowing she's going to be so, so loved, and memories on the wall and in my heart—will always be with me. There will be nothing easy for a while—at least until I see that first picture of that kid smiling on that great horse I'll always love. Until we meet again, my friend. Where-to-Ride Guide. Training Tips. Ground Work. Pattern Perfect.

Private Lesson. Ranch Events. Trail Riding. Western Pleasure.

I Sold My Good One Today

Trail Breeds. Trail Gear. Trail Riding Destinations. What bliss to be launched with the luck of the start On the old one, the proved one, the horse of your heart! I am doing a very importnat school project that counts as my final grade. I am writing a book about my horse that passed away not long ago, i feel like this poem reminds me a lot of the connection I had with my horse. I wanted to you if i could get your permission to use this poem for my book? Report Reply. Hello my name is Zara, i love this poem.

I wanted to know if i could get permission from you to use this poem in my school project? If you allow me to use this poem in my school project, that counts as my final grade, i will present the poem in your name and in the form you chose to be represented in. Share this poem:. Autoplay next video.

The Horse in my Heart The Horse in my Heart
The Horse in my Heart The Horse in my Heart
The Horse in my Heart The Horse in my Heart
The Horse in my Heart The Horse in my Heart
The Horse in my Heart The Horse in my Heart
The Horse in my Heart The Horse in my Heart
The Horse in my Heart The Horse in my Heart
The Horse in my Heart The Horse in my Heart
The Horse in my Heart The Horse in my Heart

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