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White Heat (Firefighters, book 1) by Jill Shalvis

Foregoing pleasantries and getting right to the point, she said, "My kitty stopped purring. I think it needs to be resuscitated. Sweet Mother of God! Mitch slapped his hand to his forehead and drew a steadying breath, working overtime to tamp down his roaring libido. Lust ripped through him like a raging forest fire, making him tremble with pent up need. He growled low in his throat, unable to tame the primal animal rising up inside him, crumbling his resolve to keep his distance.

Despite knowing better, he had every intention of breathing life back into her kitty, over and over again, using every means possible, if he had to. If she expected anything less, she'd called the wrong guy, on the wrong night. All three novellas are fun and quick reads. The chemistry between these three couples is hotter than a three-alarm fire, so make sure to have a cold glass of water near you, or a fire extinguisher if you burst into flames!

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It'll have women everywhere searching their local communities for Hot Lines of their own. Designed by Rescue Me Author Services. The Siren has sounded and shy lingerie designer Jenna Powers is finally ready for a real man to tamp her desires, break through her inhibitions, and show her the naughty side of love. Enter Dean Beckman—again and again. For sous chef Megan Wagner, a Flash Fire has the sparks to change her life—especially with someone like Brady Wade to put it out.

Genres: Contemporary. The objective of reading the fire is to prevent firefighters experiencing this late and potentially fatal indicator. This is less applicable to a structure that is filled with multiple fuel types. In reality, the same product can burn with different colored flames depending on the efficiency of the combustion process. The combustion of propane provides an excellent example of how the flame color is influenced by the efficiency of the process. When premixed with air, a blue flame is produced.

When the fuel and air are mixed by the process of diffusion, the combustion process is less efficient and a yellow flame is produced due the presence of soot particles. Propane burning in an oxygen-deficient or fuel-rich environment can produce a red flame. A simple example of a carbonaceous product can be seen with the combustion of particle board.

When the air supply is good, the flame is yellow. When the oxygen concentration is reduced, the flame becomes a reddish-orange color.

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In a compartment fire, yellow flames generally indicate a reasonable air supply. Reddish-orange flames are an indicator of less oxygen and fuel-rich conditions. The shape or form of the flame can also give an indication of the type of combustion occurring. The reddish-orange flames are often turbulent with a short-wave form. The ignition of accumulated pyrolysis products aka combustible gases produces a very light-yellow flame sometimes almost clear. Amazingly in this case, the wave form is larger and the flames seem very slow.

Conclusion Predicting the behavior of fire in a compartment is difficult because of the great number of variables that need to be considered. Although there are no simple answers to such a complex problem, there are fire indicators that can assist in building up an accurate profile of the fire. We value your privacy. When you visit ClarionUX. I Agree I Decline. Skip to content. More than a decade of research, consultation and personal experience has resulted in the simple mnemonic B-SAHF: Building the context Smoke Air Track Heat Flame The four fire behavior indicators—the SAHF part—can be used to rapidly assess the stage of fire development and the changes that are likely to occur before, during and after fire service intervention.

Therefore, A high neutral plane could indicate that the fire is in the early stages of development. A very low neutral plane could indicate very rich backdraft conditions. A sudden rise could indicate that ventilation has occurred. Gradual lowering often indicates a build-up in fire gases and progress to flashover. He was crankier than usual. He'd worked an overnight shift the night before, then spent the day shuttling his boys from appointments to practices and back again.

I don't want you home tonight.

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It was a minor spat as marital squabbles go. After everything they'd been through, an unpainted bedroom was barely a ripple, not worth the calories required to complain about it.

They met in the early s, when she was a nurse and Paul was an orderly at Worcester City Hospital, where, in the spring of , Paul's father happened to be dying of cancer. It was a terrible death, long and slow, and Denise felt so sorry for Paul that she convinced fourteen coworkers to take him out for a night on the town to help take his mind off things.

On the appointed night, June 6, , all fourteen people canceled.

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They went to Tammany Hall, a local juke joint that Denise remembers so precisely because Paul kept the ticket stubs in his wallet for the next seventeen years. Nothing was supposed to come of it.


They were both engaged to other people. But that night, something clicked. Somehow, and in similar ways, they both realized they were planning to marry the wrong people. As it happened, a few weeks after their first date, they ended up on separate phones at the hospital, each taking grief from their spouses-to-be. They were in sight of each other, rolling their eyes back and forth. He raised his index finger, then his middle finger, and when he straightened his ring finger, he and Denise both hung up. A week after their first date, Paul was appointed to the fire academy.

One month later, they decided to marry. They told Paul's mother on July 13, She was still grieving for her husband, her heart so badly broken she knew it would kill her. She suffered a massive coronary the next day and died before the ambulance got her to the hospital. Paul's sister, Kim, was only ten at the time.

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The responsibility of raising her fell to Paul, who was twenty-four, and Denise, who would spend the night when Paul worked the evening shift. The wedding was moved up to February , mainly so Paul and Denise could set a proper example for Kim. The new family—Paul and Denise and Kim—moved into the home Paul's parents had left.

If becoming a father to his sister before his own first son was born ever wore on Paul, he never let on. When she was a teenager, Kim's friends used to tell her how lucky she was to be raised by her brother.

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She would shake her head and tell them they didn't know the half of it. Paul and Denise were still young enough to know what teenagers did in Worcester, about the keggers down in Burncoat Park, about what went on all night after the senior prom. Which is why Paul told Kim she couldn't, and which is why he grounded her for five weeks when she rolled home past dawn anyway. In , Denise and Paul moved to Auburn. Kim came with them, staying until , when she got married. Paul walked her down the aisle. By then, Paul and Denise had six boys, the oldest twelve and the youngest four.

At the beach last summer, Paul lined them all up in a row, from youngest to oldest, with himself anchoring the end, facing the ocean with their backs to a camera, their trunks pulled down below the cracks of their asses.

White Heat (Firefighter Book 1) White Heat (Firefighter Book 1)
White Heat (Firefighter Book 1) White Heat (Firefighter Book 1)
White Heat (Firefighter Book 1) White Heat (Firefighter Book 1)
White Heat (Firefighter Book 1) White Heat (Firefighter Book 1)
White Heat (Firefighter Book 1) White Heat (Firefighter Book 1)
White Heat (Firefighter Book 1) White Heat (Firefighter Book 1)
White Heat (Firefighter Book 1) White Heat (Firefighter Book 1)
White Heat (Firefighter Book 1) White Heat (Firefighter Book 1)
White Heat (Firefighter Book 1) White Heat (Firefighter Book 1)

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